Men’s & Women’s Christian Clothing

Shared Faith Clothing is a faith based Christian clothing company that offers great looking and comfortable Biblically inspired Men’s Christian Clothing and Women’s Christian Clothing to inspire people to share God’s living word outside of the church and spread hope and love in our everyday lives.

In addition to Men’s and Women’s Christian T-Shirts, our love for Jesus has blessed us with a complete faith based line of Christian Hoodies, Christian Sweatshirts, Christian Hats, Christian Coffee Mugs, Christian Tote Bags, Christian Cell Phone Cases and Christian Back Packs.


God inspired design


No false idol worship


Share Your Faith, Share Your Love

Moving YOU Closer To GOD

All of our Christian Clothing and Gifts are designed to help you proudly express your faith in God to family, friends and those who are in need of receiving God’s word. Wearing our Christian Clothing will make you feel one with our Lord, knowing you are worshiping our King. Share Your Faith & Share Your Love!

Stop worshiping false idols by wearing pagan symbols and non-biblical outerwear! Receive the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17) by wearing the living word of God and allow it to move you CLOSER to God!

We are honored by the Almighty to start this Christian Clothing Company as a way to do something in his name. Shared Faith Clothing is a testament to the power and glory of God, all that we do is based on moral and ethical biblical principles.

Our philosophy is simple, always make God first in everything that you do and the rest of the details will work themselves out.

God Inspired Designs:

All of our design are Biblically inspired.

Moral Business Principles:

The Bible and teachings of Jesus guide all of our business choices.

Secure Payments:

We offer secure payment options through PayPal, the World’s most secure payment provider. We accept all major credit cards via PayPal.

Great Return Policy:

We stand behind our clothing with God based principles, so if we make a mistake on our end, we’ll fix it.

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